ESD electrostatic diode selection

ESD electrostatic diode selection:

ESD electrostatic diode and ESD electrostatic protector are actually the same protective device, but our name is different. The product is the same thing. Under normal circumstances, its function cannot be seen. Once there are surges, pulses, or static electricity in the circuit, its effect is significant. With the development of science and technology, electronic products are becoming increasingly diverse and complex, and circuit protection is receiving increasing attention, with more and more applied circuit protection components.

ESD electrostatic discharge protection devices, also known as transient suppression diode arrays (TVS arrays). ESD is a multi-channel or single channel ESD protection device made of multiple TVS grains or diodes with different layouts and specific functions. It is mainly used for various communication interface ESD protection, such as USB, HDMI, RS485, RS232, VGA, RJ11, RJ45, BNC, SIM, SD, etc. The packaging forms are diverse. Currently, Jinkaisheng Electronics has ESD packaging including DFN1006, DFN1510, DFN1006T3, DFN1714, DFN2010, DFN2514, DFN3014, DFN3314, DFN4120P10, DSON-10, MSOP-08, MSOP-10, SLP2510P8, SO-14, SO-16, SOD-323, SOD-523, SOD-923, SOP-08, SOT-8, SOT-143, SOT-23, SOT-25, SOT-26, SOT-323, SOT-353, SOT-363, SOT-523, SOT-553, SOT-563, etc.

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